25 Profit after taxes from discontinued operations

In the previous year, the profit after taxes from discontinued operations according to the income statement included the income and expenses of the Celesio division, which was sold in February 2014, and consisted of the following:

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EUR million 2015 2014
Revenue 1,851
Cost of materials 1,653
Gross profit 198
Depreciation and amortisation  
Operating profit 41
Result from investments accounted for at equity  
Other investment result 1
Finance costs 12
Other net financial income -1
Profit before taxes 29
Income tax expenses 11
Profit after taxes 0 18
Revaluation and disposal gains/losses before taxes 696
Income taxes on revaluation and disposal gains/losses  
Revaluation and disposal gains/losses after taxes 0 696
Profit after taxes from discontinued operations according to income statement 0 714

The discontinuation of depreciation/amortisation and the offsetting effect from the discontinuation of the equity method for the pertinent associates between the date the Celesio division was classified as a discontinued operation and the disposal date resulted in an improvement in profit after taxes by a total of EUR 9 million in the previous year.