24 Income tax expenses

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EUR million 2015 2014
Current taxes 53 47
Deferred taxes 1 12
  54 59

The current taxes include prior-period tax income totalling EUR 2 million (previous year: no prior-period tax expenses or income).

Deferred tax assets on tax loss carryforwards in the amount of EUR 13 million were recognised in the financial year (previous year: reversals of EUR 3 million). EUR 0 million in write-downs on deferred tax assets (previous year: EUR 2 million) were offset by EUR 2 million in reversals of write-downs (previous year: EUR 2 million).

The table below shows a reconciliation between the reported and the expected tax expense:

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EUR million 2015 2014
Profit before taxes 174 31
Expected effective income tax rate 30.7% 30.7%
Expected tax expense 53 10
Deviation due to varying foreign tax rates -2 -2
Tax portion for tax-exempt income -1 -1
Tax portion for non-deductible expenses 22 60
Non-recognition, write-downs and utilisation of tax loss carryforwards 9 13
Result from investments accounted for at equity -17 -4
Effect of non-tax-deductible goodwill impairments
Prior-period taxes 2 -11
Other tax effects -12 -6
Reported tax expense 54 59
Reported income tax rate 31.0% 190.3%

The expected effective income tax rate comprises corporate income tax, the solidarity surcharge and trade tax as pertinent for German corporations.