Result from the Metro investment expected to remain at same level as previous year

The forecast for the financial investment in the METRO GROUP is for slight organic revenue growth – like-for-like; adjusted for business acquisitions and disposals and currency translation effects. This growth will be driven by the Metro Cash & Carry and Media-Saturn sales lines. The METRO GROUP will continue its strong focus on efficient structures and strict cost control. A slight increase in operating profit before one-off factors and adjusted for currency translation effects is therefore expected for 2016.

By contrast, Haniel’s investment result from the Metro investment is expected to be at the same level as in the previous year. The lower level of debt is likely to result in an improvement in net financial income at the METRO GROUP. However, a comparable amount of positive one-off income, such as from the sale of Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam and Galeria Kaufhof in 2015, is not expected in 2016.