No risks jeopardising the going concern assumption

The Haniel Group’s risk situation has changed since the previous year, primarily as a result of the acquisition of Bekaert Textiles. However, risks accompanying the new division only change the Group’s overall risk situation to a small degree: No risks have been added specifically from the Bekaert Textiles business model which could be categorised as significant, material or other risks.

Considered separately, the risks presented could have adverse effects on the Haniel Group. With regard to the overall risk situation, however, the diversification of business models and regions has a positive effect: Many risks are restricted to individual divisions or regions and are therefore of comparatively minor significance in relation to the Group as a whole. Where risks inherently affect all divisions and the Holding Company, it can be assumed that they do not impact all business units in the same manner and at the same time. This diversification therefore results in the Haniel Group being well prepared with respect to identifiable risks.

There are no recognisable individual or aggregate risks which jeopardise the Group as a going concern, nor are there any noteworthy future risks beyond the normal entrepreneurial risk. For Haniel, the risks presented are also accompanied by numerous opportunities for sustainable, profitable growth.