Exploiting opportunities to increase value

In the Haniel Group, opportunities are viewed as entrepreneurial courses of action that must be leveraged in order to attain additional profitable growth. Opportunities are identified primarily by continually observing markets. To that end, both the Holding Company and the operating divisions collect and analyse market, trend and competitor information. As a result, Haniel is in a position to identify trends and requirements on often fragmented markets early on and to advance innovations.

Opportunity management is closely integrated into the process of strategy development. As part of strategic planning, entrepreneurial options are systematically evaluated and initiatives are developed in order to use these options to increase value. In the next step, strategic initiatives are specified in detail in operational planning and actions are derived.

The strategy and its implementation are discussed in depth by the members of the Haniel Management Board with the management of the divisions in regularly scheduled discussions. Over and above that, the Holding Company’s strategy is continuously reassessed. On that basis the Holding Company realigns its business portfolio by making acquisitions and disposals if necessary. To that end, the Management Board engages in regular dialogue with the Supervisory Board.