Haniel Group: Employees

The acquisition of the new division Bekaert Textiles increased the headcount of the Haniel Group significantly in the 2015 financial year. While the average number of employees was 11,544 in the previous year, the number of employees in 2015 averaged 12,930.


Increasing headcount through acquisitions
The number of employees in the Haniel Group increased by 12 per cent from 11,544 to 12,930, primarily as a result of business acquisitions. The key acquisition in the 2015 financial year was the acquisition of Bekaert Textiles by the Haniel Holding Company, which increased the headcount of the Haniel Group by 1,466 employees.

In financial year 2015, the number of employees at CWS-boco remained stable overall at 7,563 versus 7,529 in the previous year. The expansion of sales operations, the new laundry in Croatia and increases in capacity at the central warehouse and service location in Poland added to the headcount. By contrast, the number of employees in Italy fell as a consequence of the closure of laundries.

Despite the difficult financial year for ELG, the headcount in this division also remained stable at 1,282 compared to 1,267 in the previous year. Positive developments of the Carbon Fibre business segment led to an incremental hiring of employees. At ELG Utica Alloys, the superalloys business, recycling capacities were also expanded and new sites launched operations. By contrast, headcount in the stainless steel scrap segment was reduced slightly.

The average number of employees at TAKKT declined from 2,528 to 2,403. This was caused by the disposal of the Plant Equipment Group. The decline in the headcount resulting from the sale could not be offset by the increases resulting from the acquisitions of the companies Post-Up Stand and BiGDUG.

Fostering a better combination of careers and family life
The Haniel Management Board acknowledges that diversity is a strategic success factor for the future viability of Haniel. Shaping general conditions in particular, also in the light of the German Act to Promote Equal Participation of Women and Men in Management Positions, represents a focus of activity here. Depending on the location, there are various offerings in the companies of the Haniel Group that open opportunities for improving a better combination of careers and family life. Accordingly, for the 2016 financial year, the Management Board of Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH has resolved not to go below the percentage of women already reached for the Haniel Holding Company of 10.00 per cent for the first management level and of 6.25 per cent for the second management level. Likewise, the company will, at a minimum, maintain the current percentage of women on the Management Board and the Supervisory Board of Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH in the 2016 financial year.