Responsibility for society

In accordance with the Haniel values, the holding company also makes a social commitment beyond the core business. As a corporate citizen, it provides financial, factual and ideal support for initiatives and projects at its location in Duisburg – with the goal of increasing the quality of life in the city and creating long-term benefits for the region. In order to achieve more through a combined effort and to bundle skills together, Haniel works together with strong partners here. In co-operation with the non-profit Social Impact gGmbH, of the Prof. Otto Beisheim Foundation and the KfW foundation, Haniel launched a start-up laboratory for social entrepreneurs in Duisburg in 2015. Start-up entrepreneurs who solve social challenges with their business ideas receive a scholarship for eight months that encompasses professional consultancy, coaching, workshops and the necessary work infrastructure. Haniel also understands corporate responsibility to include deploying the skills and abilities of employees to the benefit of society. The holding company is planning a mentor programme for 2016 in which experts and managers will get involved in the start-up lab on a voluntary basis and support the scholarship holders with their expertise in an advisory capacity.

Haniel is a co-founder of the initiative "We together – The integration initiative of the German economy" ("Wir zusammen – Integrationsinitiativen der deutschen Wirtschaft"), which was officially unveiled in the beginning of 2016. Participating companies pledge to make a tangible, lasting contribution to the integration of refugees in Germany. Haniel coordinates directly with the City of Duisburg to provide assistance when there are acute shortages in support for refugees and will promote cultural, technical and language training measures as well as child care and youth services. The Haniel Group is also making plans to assist with the professional integration of refugees granted rights of residence.

Hand in hand for Duisburg

In the area of the promotion of education, the company and the Haniel Foundation work hand in hand in Duisburg: in order to improve the prospects of socially disadvantaged children and youths, the co-operation project 'Education as an opportunity' was launched in 2010 together with Ashoka Germany and the three social entrepreneurs apeiros e.V., Chancenwerk e.V. and Teach First Deutschland. All three educational initiatives are targeted at the same group, but pursue a different approach: while Teach First Deutschland seconds outstanding university graduates to schools for two years to provide educational support, Chancenwerk offers qualified private tuition to students from financially less well-off families. The goal of apeiros is to get drop-outs back to school. By dovetailing these solutions in Duisburg, more can be achieved through the combined strength of the entrepreneurs in order to reduce barriers to education and pave the way for a successful professional future for pupils.

In addition to the commitment described above, Haniel also champions a great many initiatives and projects at its business location. In co-operation with Deutsche Oper am Rhein, the city of Duisburg and the Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra, the company organised the second Haniel Classic Open Air in 2015, providing around 7,000 visitors to Duisburg's city centre with access to some high culture. More detailed information on the social commitment of the company is published on the website under 'Responsibility'.

You can find more information on the commitment of the Haniel Foundation on the website.