Responsibility in thought and action

Corporate responsibility is an instrument that is used to reinforce the corporate values that are put into practice with the aim of anchoring among the staff thought and action characterised by foresight and responsibility. To this end, Haniel creates a uniform understanding of CR and raises the awareness of employees on how to conduct themselves responsibly in their day-to-day work. Because the employees are a vital element in establishing sustainability firmly in the company. By continually improving their work processes, they play a part in conserving resources and reducing the impacts on the environment. That is why their awareness and training are especially important. In addition to information events, the holding company has developed an internal training format for CR: in what is known as the CR Smartie, participants are given an overview of global challenges such as climate change and the scarcity of resources and are encouraged to integrate sustainable behaviour into their day-to-day business life. Moreover, Haniel encourages all employees to get involved in things outside their job – for example in company projects in the area of the promotion of education or location responsibility.

As the portfolio manager, Haniel enjoys great leverage when it comes to reducing the ecological impacts at the divisions, in the hands of which the operating business lies. Nevertheless, the holding company also initiates a variety of measures in order to reduce the ecological and social impacts of its own business activities. For example, heating and cooling generation equipment has been installed with the goal of reducing energy consumption from 2016 onwards by 15 per cent in comparison to 2014. In addition, an electric car was procured for the vehicle fleet in 2015 that every employee can use for business trips. In this pilot project, the company wants to test the use of alternative drives in company cars in order to thus establish the vehicle fleet in a more environmentally friendly way in the long term.


In its role as a strategic holding company, Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH procures goods exclusively for non-trading purposes, such as office supplies, IT equipment and company cars. A variety of criteria apply when selecting suppliers: in addition to the price, the quality of the products and the processing of the order play an important role. The holding company additionally prefers to use internal Group suppliers. The purchasing policy of the holding company ensures that minimum requirements are complied with in purchasing and tendering processes. When procuring goods and services, attention is additionally paid to the protection of the environment and the conservation of resources – for example when purchasing company cars. The holding company introduced a green car policy in 2013, which stipulates a continual reduction in the CO2 limits. Furthermore, employees can choose between a contribution to the annual pension plan or an annual season ticket for Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) as an alternative to a company car. The divisions have also issued regulations in order to further drive an environmentally friendly set-up of their vehicle fleets. The choice of electricity provider is also made in consideration of sustainability criteria: since 2013, the holding company and also the divisions CWS-boco, ELG and TAKKT have procured 100 per cent of their electricity at their locations in Germany from renewable energy sources.