Responsibility for employees

Well-trained employees are a key factor in the company's long-term success. That is why Haniel encourages the professionalisation, development and networking of specialists and managers within the Group. A central contribution is made here by the Haniel Academy – for example through the tailor-made development programmes of the Haniel Leadership Curriculum. This is where up-and-coming talents, executives and top managers develop their leadership potential – encompassing everything personal to strategic leadership skills. A get-together of graduates from the EXPLORE! programme was held for the first time in the summer of 2015. Under the heading 'Innovation through Culture & Leadership', the former participants in the programme came together in a variety of workshops to deal with questions of how companies can develop sustainable business model innovations and how managers can create a culture and working environment that encourages innovation. With the Haniel Management School, the Haniel Academy launched a new international programme in September 2015 that communicates to experienced executives current management methods and concepts, especially against the background of greater market dynamism and the need for organisational agility.

The Group-wide academy programme addresses current challenges and key topics such as the agility and flexibility of companies in a dynamic environment: formats that prepare specialists and managers individually and organisationally for the requirements of the digital transformation will be offered for the first time in 2016. Half-day seminars, which are called 'Smarties', continue to give staff of the holding company stimulus on topics such as working methods, health and even insights into individual specialist areas of the holding company – including in 2015 portfolio strategy and corporate responsibility. The 'Smart Training' sessions, special formats for employees in case processing and support functions, have been a firm and integral part of the offer for two years now.

Strengthening employees

Haniel promotes specialists and managers in an individual and targeted way, irrespective of sex, age or nationality. In the annual staff dialogue, employees of the Haniel holding company discuss their personal strengths together with their managers and set development targets – for example participation in seminars and training courses at the Haniel Academy in order to further develop their skills and abilities.

For Haniel, 'strengthening employees' also means maintaining an open dialogue based on trust. In order to receive feedback on the commitment and satisfaction of all employees, the holding company regularly conducts staff surveys – the most recent one was in 2014. A participation rate of 87 per cent means that many employees have taken the opportunity to provide feedback. In addition to communicating the overall results to all staff, the relevant outcomes have been discussed in the corporate departments with the managers and measures have been derived where necessary. The next staff survey is scheduled for 2016.

Responsible employer

In order to increase staff satisfaction, Haniel offers its employees attractive remuneration, but also a variety of social benefits – including subsidies for childcare and an employer-financed pension scheme. In 2015, the existing model was set on a sustainable path by a switch to a defined contribution plan. In addition, by launching an online pension portal, Haniel has created more transparency for employees on the current status of the pension scheme.

To provide for a better balance between private life, family and career, Haniel allows its staff to organise their working hours with greater flexibility. Depending on the activity and personal situation of the employee, the option exists of working flexitime or part-time or alternating between working at home and in the office. Holding company staff can make use of the counselling provided by a family service in order to cope with everyday life during particularly stressful changes in their private life or their career. If an employee of the Haniel Group has got into difficulties through no fault of their own, the possibility exists of applying for financial aid from a support fund. Based on this extensive commitment, Haniel was recognised by the Duisburg Family Alliance as a particularly family-friendly company in December 2015.

In order to maintain the long-term health of the staff, the Haniel holding company offers a number of medical check-ups and sports programmes, such as fitness, yoga and back training courses, some of which are free of charge. In addition, the Haniel Academy provides support for employees with training sessions on health and stress management. In order to raise the awareness of employees surrounding health promotion, the holding company held a health day in 2015 – which included presentations on healthy eating and stress prevention.