Living out values

Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH has been owned by the Haniel family for 260 years – and it has successfully shaped change for the same amount of time: founded in 1756 as a trader in colonial goods, today it manages a diversified portfolio from its headquarters in Duisburg. Alongside this dynamic approach, firmly anchored principles provide direction and ensure that the company maintains a good balance: the Haniel values, which are borne by the owner family and the management alike. They stand for what Haniel has successfully achieved in the past and for what characterises its action in the present – the ability to combine a sense of community and a sense of business throughout generations.

Business divisions and employees are committed to the Haniel values at all levels: they serve as a compass and indicate the direction in which Haniel would like to develop. That is why it is important that the employees possess a uniform understanding of values and are guided by the same principles of behaviour. These are laid down in the code of conduct, which the company reviewed and updated for all employees in 2014. The divisions also issue comparable regulations on this basis. Among other things, the code of conduct is aligned with the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. By signing up to this initiative of the United Nations, Haniel has undertaken to comply with the principles in the areas of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and combating corruption and to see that they are disseminated. The divisions are also members of the UN Global Compact or are committed to its guiding principles.

Corporate responsibility is taken to mean in the company today what Franz Haniel, who gave his name to the company, exemplified in the 19th century through his own life as an "honourable businessman". He invested with foresight in promising businesses while at the same time bearing in mind the welfare of his employees and of the company. This latter consideration remains even today a key pillar of the CR strategy. As a family-owned company, Haniel assumes responsibility for its employees and ensures that they can develop their skills and abilities. Moreover, the employees' awareness of the need to protect resources and the environment is raised, while each and every individual's responsibility in thought and action requires them to commit themselves to more sustainability in the day-to-day business. The shared self-perception of the Haniel family and of the company understands that economic success imposes a requirement to provide added social value. That is why Haniel traditionally plays an active role at its location in Duisburg as a corporate citizen.