At TAKKT, sustainability is an integral element of the corporate strategy and a daily community task at all levels of the Group. The B2B specialist mail order company aims to be a global role model for sustainability in the industry by the end of 2016. In dialogue with stakeholders, TAKKT has identified six fields of action: purchasing, marketing, logistics, resources & climate, employees and society. Targets and specific measures have been formulated for each field of action, which the company embeds in the organisation in terms of contents and structure with the SCORE programme ('Sustainable Corporate Responsibility'). TAKKT provides information on the progress it is making in regular sustainability reports, which can also be found online at

2015 progress report on the targets:

Employees: Systematic HR development

TAKKT is looking to launch systematic HR development in all sectors by the end of 2016 in order to attract and promote talented people. Existing measures – such as a mentor programme to encourage high-potential staff at the BEG (Business Equipment Group) – were assessed in 2015, improved on this basis and rolled out to other sectors.

Value-added chain: Co-operation with suppliers

As a trading company with diverse supplier relationships, goods procurement is a relevant driver at TAKKT for integrating sustainability along the entire value chain. The division has undertaken to procure half of its purchase volume from suppliers that have been evaluated in a supplier evaluation programme and to increase the proportion of assessed suppliers to 10 per cent by the end of 2016. The evaluation programme was extended to additional suppliers and US group companies in 2015.

Innovation: Advertising material efficiency

In order to reduce the use of resources for advertising activities, TAKKT is looking to expand its digital sales channels and develop innovative print concepts. The more efficient use of advertising materials should result in paper consumption per EUR one million of sales falling to 22.7 tonnes by the end of 2016. That is a reduction of 35 per cent in comparison with 2011.

Getting better together

Sustainability at TAKKT, as a trading company, does not end at the company boundaries, but also includes business partners and suppliers alike. TAKKT launched a pilot project in co-operation with EcoVadis in 2013 to survey, document and enhance sustainability in the supply chain. The French service provider reviews the performance of suppliers from the sustainability perspectives of environment, supply chain, social conditions and ethics. Using an individual questionnaire, all suppliers can provide information on their sustainability performance and have this assessed on an online platform. The answers are reviewed by EcoVadis experts and incorporated in an evaluation scheme that can be compared with the results of other suppliers. Following the successful conclusion of the pilot project with 20 selected suppliers, TAKKT has undertaken to extend the evaluation programme continually to other suppliers and group companies. With the systematic presentation of the commitment to sustainability, the division is looking to expand the existing benchmarks together with the suppliers, among other things by using a code of conduct that prohibits child labour and requires compliance with national environment protection laws.