With its recycling of and global trade in raw materials – especially in the market segments of stainless steel and superalloys – sustainability is an intrinsic part of the business model at ELG. In addition to preserving resources and in line with its corporate philosophy, ELG places employee responsibility, ethical conduct and strong partnerships with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders at the heart of its entrepreneurial action. Together with various stakeholder groups, the company has developed four core themes of its CR strategy: relevant CR issues are recorded under the action fields of 'Employee Focus', 'Operational Focus', 'Commercial Focus' and 'Compliance Focus', and the progress made in each of them is communicated in CR reports. For more information, see

Progress report on the 2015 targets

Employees: Health and safety

In order to further enhance the health and safety of its employees, ELG set up the 'Health & Safety PLUS' project in 2015 and in the process rolled out on a global basis the workplace accident reporting system launched in 2014. The division has undertaken to record workplace accidents, absences and turnover at its locations, to reinforce awareness of the issues through transparent communication and to develop suggestions for improvement.

Value-added chain: CO2 footprint

In co-operation with the Fraunhofer-UMSICHT research institute, ELG investigated its own carbon footprint and determined the ecological benefits of recycling in 2015: the CO2 values calculated for the use of metal scrap were compared with the use of primary raw materials, while starting points for potential savings in CO2 emissions were identified at the same time.

Innovation: Carbon fibre recycling
ELG continues to push ahead with the still young carbon fibre recycling market segment: at its base in England, ELG Carbon Fibre has for several years been testing innovative processes with the aim of developing new product forms for potential sales markets and thus to feed the recycled carbon back into the goods cycle.

ELG principles

Innovation, individual responsibility and integrity – these are just some of the principles that make up ELG's corporate culture. In 2015, the company put down on paper the core values and guidelines applicable to all employees and made them accessible to all staff in a company-wide communication campaign. The corporate values were presented by the CEO and translated into all the main languages used within the Group, so that the division can anchor them in the mind of the employees. To this end, ELG developed a variety of electronic and printed communication formats in order to publicise the messages on the '6 Principles of ELG' throughout all the locations. In addition, the division rolled out an online training course of compliance-related topics globally in 2015. Around 600 employees at over 50 locations – and thus all who have e-mail access – have been trained in the first module, 'Corruption prevention'. The compliance training is to be augmented with other key topics and continued up to 2017.