The business model of CWS-boco as a provider of rental textile services already plays a part in protecting the environment and preserving resources. In line with the guiding principle 'Serving you, serving nature', the company is making constant progress in its commitment to sustainability: in the course of the further development of the CR strategy, CWS-boco conducted a systematic stakeholder survey and a comprehensive analysis of existing CR action areas at the beginning of 2015. The results formed the basis for the 'Handle with Care' CR report, which was published in the autumn of 2015 and which was produced in accordance with version 'G4' of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) international standard. For more information, please see

Progress report on the 2015 targets

Employees: Education and training

On the 'Sales Excellence' programme certified by the German Technical Control Board (TÜV), CWS-boco trains lateral entrants for direct sales. The participants undergo a 12-month training programme that includes a variety of training modules as well as supervision and support from an experienced sales partner as a mentor.

Value-added chain: Code of conduct for suppliers

At CWS-boco, responsible behaviour already begins with the support provided to our partners in the supply chain. This allows the division to implement and ensure compliance with social and environmental standards. Following the introduction of the code of conduct for the textile supply chain in 2014, CWS-boco has undertaken to extend it step-by-step to all procurement divisions by the end of 2016.

Innovation: Sustainable service logistics

As a company with a large service fleet, CWS-boco works constantly to bring all products from the customer to the laundry and back again by the shortest possible route. The smartphone app 'Optimise my Day' supports the drivers in planning the optimal route, schedules additional stops and allows customer enquiries to be forwarded directly to them.

Gold status achieved

In its first re-audit by EcoVadis, CWS-boco was awarded gold status for its CR initiatives in the areas of environment, work practices and human rights, fair trade practices and sustainable procurement. The sustainability experts of the business-related service providers analyse the social and environmental practices of the company in its supply chain and have developed a collaboration platform for this purpose. After gaining a silver award in the first audit in 2014, CWS-boco successfully implemented the potential for development that was identified, and it can now document to the customer its commitment to sustainability with the gold status.
The service company's score of 65 points is much higher than the average of 41.6 points of all companies evaluated by EcoVadis. Only 12 per cent of the suppliers audited by EcoVadis achieve a score of 60 points or more. In the field of the environment, CWS-boco is among the top 2 per cent of the audited companies and is thus one of the frontrunners in this category.