Innovations: the response to global challenges and opportunities for growth

Fairtrade collection

For CWS-boco, the commitment to sustainability already begins before the textiles enter its own service cycle – at the partners in the supply chain and in the conditions in the cotton fields. From 2016 onwards, the company will use exclusively cotton certified by Fairtrade for the production of the boco Profi Line collection. The collection will be launched in Germany as a first step. CWS-boco is aiming to provide customers with 50,000 items in the collection made of certified cotton by the end of 2016.

Carbon fibre recycling

ELG has set itself the objective of further expanding the volume of recycled scrap carbon. To test new fields of application for recycled carbon fibre, ELG maintains a close dialogue with its partners and is launching co-operation projects as a driving force – including with companies from the automotive industry. The goal is to develop a product by the end of 2017 that makes it possible to use recycled carbon fibre on an industrial scale in mass car production – for example in the manufacture of car bodies.

CO2 footprint

TAKKT is an active advocate of climate protection: to create transparency about the CO2 emissions of key companies, the emissions of the entire value chain for which individual companies are responsible are recorded and documented in climate scorecards certified to ISO 14064-1. In Europe, TAKKT has already calculated the CO2 footprint of seven key companies and is looking to increase the number of climate scorecards to 10 by the end of 2016.

Promoting innovation

The holding company champions the promotion of innovation in a targeted manner – both to continually develop business models in the course of the dynamically changing environment and to solve social challenges with innovative approaches. In April 2016, Haniel founded the Schacht One company to provide support to the divisions in the digitalisation of the business models. In addition, Haniel has established a laboratory for social entrepreneurs together with other partners at the company’s headquarters and is aiming to expand a scholarship programme for start-up companies that want to solve social challenges with their business ideas.