Respectful and reliable partnership for sustainable work conditions

Education and training

For CWS-boco, education and training are a key focus in the area of sustainability, which is why the company will continue to develop its commitment to its employees in 2016. To improve management quality in sales, employees in the middle management will undergo a 10-month programme to make them fit for more extensive management duties as well as for the development of future sales strategies. In addition to the implementation of the pilot programme involving 11 participants from eight national subsidiaries, CWS-boco has undertaken for 2016 to develop a quantitative parameter for evaluating the programme.

Health and safety

In 2015, ELG set up a worldwide reporting system on workplace accidents, absences due to illness and staff turnover in the form of the project "Health & Safety PLUS". The key focus in 2016 is to identify the causes of the status differences that have been detected between the individual locations and, if necessary, to initiate further measures – for example, by creating more transparency in management meetings on the issue of health and safety. By the end of 2017, ELG would like to reduce the number of workplace accidents from 18 to 15 per million working hours on average and the number of days of absence to 7.5 per FTE.

Employee commitment

TAKKT actively encourages employees to perform voluntary work. By granting paid leave of absence, the company enables its employees to work for local projects. In 2016, TAKKT will look to further increase the percentage of employees who have the option of taking paid leave of absence – including by expanding the model to the largest business segment. The opportunity to take paid leave of absence for voluntary social work should be available to 30 per cent of the employees in the TAKKT Group by the end of 2016.

Career & development

Well-educated employees are a vital factor in the corporate success of the holding company: in a dynamic business environment, the continuous professional development of the staff is gaining increasing importance. In addition to regular dialogue on individual strengths and development targets for all employees, the holding company focuses on developing the range of seminars at the Haniel Academy in line with requirements. New formats will be incorporated in the Academy's programme in 2016 – including training in digital skills.