CR management approach and organisation

As a strategic holding company, Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH pursues the goal of focusing the group of companies on value and growth. The strategic direction is discussed and binding goals and minimum standards are set in the dialogue with the divisions – also when it comes to corporate responsibility. The divisions are themselves responsible for implementing the targets, strategies and minimum standards as well as for the operating business.

Cooperation between Holding and divisions

The corporate bylaws generally define the collaboration between the Holding Company and the divisions. They stipulate on the basis of statutory provisions that the Holding Company must help the divisions to develop their CR strategies. The holding company monitors the achievement of the CR targets as well as compliance with the minimum standards. To this end, the Haniel Management Board engages in bilateral exchanges with the management and management boards of the divisions in September every year in a quarterly discussion. Corporate responsibility has been an integral part of the agenda here since 2013. The Haniel Management Board discusses together with the divisions the progress of the existing CR programmes and agrees individual targets in the priorities defined as Haniel action areas. In this way, the holding company acts as a source of inspiration and a sparring partner. To promote joint decisions in the Haniel Group, CEO round tables are also held, to which the Haniel Management Board regularly invites the divisions. When necessary, Group-wide initiatives in the area of corporate responsibility are also discussed in this committee. In addition to the CR dialogue at management level, the Group's CR officers meet three times a year at the CR round table in order to exchange information and best practices.

CR organisation in holding

Corporate responsibility has also been firmly embedded in the organisation of the holding company since 2013: the directors of all corporate departments must meet with the Management Board at the CR conference every summer. Together, they discuss issues relevant to the holding company in the Haniel action areas and agree specific measures for integrating CR in all core processes of the company that affect both the interaction with the divisions and also the holding company. The implementation of the holding company's CR projects is the responsibility of the directors of the corporate departments in whose specialist departments the activities are located. The Shareholders + Sustainability department of the holding company is responsible for co-ordinating the processes and contents of the CR activities in the holding company and generally in the Haniel Group.