Corporate Responsibility

Enhancing value, living out values – Haniel has combined entrepreneurial dynamism with a stable framework of values for 260 years based on this principle. Corporate responsibility is thus deeply embedded in the DNA of the company and is borne by the owner family and the management alike. The key is to combine economic success with responsibility for the employees, the company and the environment and thus to create values over generations. To ensure that responsible entrepreneurship is practised at all levels and thus becomes a competitive advantage, Haniel as the strategic holding company establishes appropriate structures and defines key pillars that point the way for the divisions. The company identified the expectations of the relevant stakeholder and interest groups in a systematic stakeholder dialogue in 2013. The results were used to derive a CR management approach and a CR organisation in order to successfully anchor sustainability in the corporate structure – while taking into consideration the characteristic features that make up Haniel as a diversified group of companies with a decentralised management principle. The holding company sets essential priorities in the form of three CR action areas: employees, value-added chain and innovation. These areas have been selected because they affect each division equally, irrespective of their individual core business. Both the holding company and the divisions define individual measures in these action areas, implement them as priorities and report on the progress they are making.