ELG had already revised its Code of Conduct in 2014 to codify the core values underpinning the company’s corporate culture in the “6 Principles of ELG”. All ELG employees can review the significance of the company’s fundamental principles, illustrated in clear and powerful examples. In the “tattoo campaign” which followed in July, ELG set out the motifs of the “6 principles” so as to “get under the skin”, figuratively speaking. The “6 Principles of ELG” were distributed globally within the Group in brochures and posters.

In October, the superalloys business segment formed a new company in Singapore, thus following its customers in the aviation industry who are producing increasingly in Asia. So, the division is thus expanding its presence in Asia. Following the reorganisation of the superalloys activities in England and the US, ELG changed the names of the companies which now trade under the name “ELG Utica Alloys”.