Annual report 2014

32 Notes to segment reporting

In the segment reporting, the reportable segments are the three fully consolidated divisions, the investment in METRO AG accounted for at equity and the Holding and other companies segment. The breakdown of the segments reflects the Group structure. It is defined using the management approach, taking internal monitoring and reporting, as well as the organisational structure, into account.

In segment reporting the Celesio division that was sold in the beginning of 2014 is reported as a discontinued operation in its entirety. Pursuant to IFRS 5, the result from the sale of the Celesio division by the Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH is presented in the income statement in profit after taxes from discontinued operations.

The same accounting standards are used for segment reporting and for the consolidated financial statements. In the reported segment assets, goodwill is allocated to the relevant division. Transactions between the divisions take place on an arm’s length basis. The financial liabilities encompass the non-current and current financial liabilities contained in the statement of financial position. The sum of this amount and the other liabilities recognised in the statement of financial position is the Group’s total liabilities. Recognised investments in non-current segment assets include additions to property, plant and equipment, intangible assets, investments accounted for at equity and non-current financial assets.

CWS-boco is a leading service provider of washroom hygiene products and textile services in Europe. CWS specialises in washroom products and dust control mats. The boco brand offers rental workwear.

ELG’s core business is the trading and recycling of primary and secondary commodities particularly for the stainless steel industry.

TAKKT is the leading B2B direct marketing specialist for business equipment in Europe and North America.

The Metro investment concerns the investment in METRO AG accounted for at equity, which is described in greater detail in note 3.

The Holding and other companies segment essentially comprises the Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH and its financing companies, excluding the Metro investment.