Annual report 2014

6 Inventories

EUR million 31 Dec. 2014 31 Dec. 2013
Raw materials and production supplies 11 9
Work and services in progress 1 1
Finished goods and merchandise 565 417
Prepayments 2 2
  579 429

The inventories include EUR 142 million (previous year: EUR 70 million) that were written down to the net realisable value. Write-downs in the amount of EUR 9 million (previous year: EUR 6 million) were made during the financial year. Reversals of write-downs totalled EUR 2 million (previous year: EUR 4 million). This was due primarily to the disposal of previously impaired items of inventory.

Other than industry-standard restrictions on title, no inventories were pledged as collateral for own liabilities during the financial year.