Annual report 2014

Haniel Group: Employees

The disposal of Celesio reduced the headcount in the Haniel Group considerably. While the average number of employees was 50,279 in the 2013 financial year, the number of employees in 2014 averaged 11,544.


The number of people employed by Celesio was 38,754 in 2013; they had been accounted for in the previous year under discontinued operations. The disposal of the Celesio division sharply reduced the overall headcount in the Haniel Group in 2014.

In continuing operations, the number of employees was 11,544 in 2014, almost unchanged from 11,525 in 2013. Development in the divisions varied. At ELG the number of employees in the financial year just ended increased from 1,224 to 1,267, which is attributable primarily to the expansion of the superalloys business. The first full-year consolidation of Metals Management Aerospace, the company acquired in 2013 in this market segment, impacted that figure as well.

The average number of employees at TAKKT dropped slightly from 2,551 to 2,528 due to the planned discontinuation of Topdeq business operations. By contrast, CWS-boco recorded overall stable development of the staffing level, although it was further reduced as planned due to the modernisation of the laundry network. Given that new jobs were created concurrently in sales operations, the number of employees remained largely unchanged at 7,529 following 7,527 employees in the previous year.