Annual report 2014

A responsible partner

Having a well-trained and well-educated workforce is essential to the Group’s long-term success. Employees who are committed to the Group’s corporate objectives receive the support they need in order to continue growing individually. At their annual performance reviews, employees and their supervisors discuss which abilities they would like to refine and they agree on specific measures – such as a management training course at the Haniel Academy, a part-time course of study or advanced training in a specialised field. Moreover, the Haniel Academy makes a vital contribution to the development and networking of specialists and executives within the Haniel Group. In the tailored development programmes offered in the “Haniel Leadership Curriculum”, talented up-and-comers, members of the middle management and top executives reflect on current and future trends. The Group-wide Academy curriculum seizes on current topics such as how to successfully deal with changes in, the ever-accelerating pace of and complexity in the working world. Half-day “Smarty” sessions give employees of the Holding Company suggestions on dealing with issues such as time and conflict management or promoting wellness and offer insight into individual departments at the Holding Company, including Corporate Responsibility. Moreover, these “Smart Training” sessions have been offering special courses for employees in administrative functions since 2014.

Haniel offers its employees a diverse range of options for achieving the right work/life balance, including flexitime and part-time opportunities. In addition, employees who are eligible for telecommuting can also work from their home offices. In 2014, a corresponding works agreement entered into force at the Haniel Holding Company. To help establish a better balance between work and family, the Company subsidises child care for children not yet of schooling age. In addition, it grants paid leaves of absence to employees who must care for relatives or sick children. An employee benefit fund offers aid to employees who through no fault of their own have come into hard times financially.

As responsible employers, the divisions and the Holding Company are committed to employee health and wellness. In 2014, the Haniel Holding Company initiated a project relating to a structured occupational health and wellness management system. This system includes measures relating to healthcare, sport and fitness, nutrition and stress prevention. The TAKKT “aKKtiv” programme also enables it to promote employee health and wellness.

The Holding Company and the divisions would like to increase employee sensitivity to the need to protect resources and the environment – for instance with environmentally friendly company car guidelines. The Haniel Holding Company’s Green Car Policy calls for a continuous reduction in CO2 thresholds. In 2014, these limits were reduced for newly acquired cars by 10 grammes per kilometre. ELG has also developed company car guidelines, which it will introduce in early 2015. TAKKT is also providing incentives to employees who do not drive a company car to commute to work in a manner that uses resources sparingly: the company has introduced a Germany-wide bonus system for CO2 savers to motivate its employees to make their daily commute in the most environmentally friendly way possible.