Annual report 2014

Holding company invests sustainably

Haniel is laying the foundation for a shared understanding of CR and raising employee awareness of the need to conduct themselves responsibly in their day-to-day professional lives. In addition to regular communications on the topic of sustainability, a week-long campaign covering the issues of energy efficiency, waste management and healthy diet was held in 2014, as well as a seminar which gave employees the chance to learn about the meaning of CR in the every-day dealings of the Company on the basis of a specific case study. A remuneration-relevant target has been agreed with every employee having signed up to participate in the CR projects initiated. Among other things, the Holding Company has launched an interdisciplinary project aimed at integrating CR aspects into key management processes throughout the phases of the investment cycle. In 2014, a large number of potential acquisition targets were reviewed to determine whether fit with Haniel’s values and the criteria in its investment filter, which also included CR aspects. New financial investments have also been scrutinised from a CR perspective since the autumn of 2014. In addition, CR aspects are systematically taken into account by the Holding Company in granting its approval to invest in or acquire divisions in accordance with its investment and enterprise valuation guidelines. Since 1 November 2014, these guidelines have stipulated that the specific positive and negative impacts on the objectives laid out in Haniel’s CR action areas be assessed in investment proposals. The updated guidelines have been in force since mid-2014. In 2014, the Holding Company conducted an analysis of its corporate culture and gained valuable insight into how to structure its innovation management process for the future. Employees and executives participated in qualitative interviews and an employee survey on issues such as innovation was carried out. The Holding Company also met its objective of increasing the number and quality of annual employee development reviews: 98.6 per cent of employees have discussed their abilities and potential with their direct supervisor and, where necessary, agreed on individual development measures.