Annual report 2014

CR: An integral component of management dialogue

In addition to laying the foundation for a shared understanding of its values, Haniel focuses its CR activities throughout the Group in three action areas: employees, value chain and innovation. Each division is responsible for implementing these action areas as they relate to its individual business model. To that end, Haniel’s Management Board meets regularly with the divisional management teams throughout the year to set individual targets as permitted by law and to discuss progress. In this way, the Holding Company assumes the mantle of a motivational force and a sparring partner. Where necessary, overarching initiatives are discussed at the Holding Company’s regular CEO meetings, which are held by Haniel’s Management Board and attended by the heads of the management teams and the CEOs of the respective divisions. In addition to this high-level dialogue, the CR Round Table is held three times a year: this network of CR experts at the Holding Company and all divisions meets to exchange information, share their experiences and discuss best practices.

CR is also anchored in the Holding Company’s organisation analogously to the process involving the management teams of the divisions. For instance, the directors of all departments join the Management Board each year at the CR Conference. There, they discuss the relevant issues faced by the Holding Company as they relate to Haniel’s three CR action areas, agree on specific targets and objectives and kick off new projects. This is how Haniel anchors CR within all of the Company’s relevant core processes – both at the level of interactions with the divisions as well as within the Holding Company itself.