Annual report 2014



Innovations: the response to global challenges
and an opportunity for growth

87 per cent participation rate in employee survey on corporate culture


Internal culture of innovation
In order to prepare the field for the development of an approach to innovation management, the Holding Company has analysed its corporate culture. Employees and executives participated in qualitative interviews and an employee survey was carried out in 2014.

850,000 fewer kilometres driven thanks to “Optimize my Day” dispatch tool


Sustainable service logistics
CWS-boco has equipped service drivers with the “Optimize my Day” dispatch planning tool, thereby helping to use resources sparingly: the app calculates routes covered in such a manner that all customer visits can be driven to in the fewest kilometres possible.

458 tonnes of recycled carbon fibre


Recycling carbon fibres
ELG is continuing to expand its carbon fibre recycling business. In 2014, the volume of carbon scrap recycled was increased as compared to the previous year from 280 to 458 tonnes.

6.6 per cent of revenue generated through sustainable products


Green product lines
In order to meet its clients’ ecological and social standards, TAKKT is offering an expanding range of “green” products. This includes climate-neutrally produced transport equipment, environmentally friendly packaging solutions and office furniture which is crafted using recycled materials.

100 per cent of METRO Cash & Carry shops in Germany offer tracing of fish and meat products


Traceability of products
The METRO GROUP has implemented an international industry-wide solution to bring about full transparency along the entire supply chain as to the resources used and the products sourced. Customers of all METRO Cash & Carry shops in Germany can already trace the origins of meat and fish products.