Annual report 2014



A respectful and reliable partnership
for sustainable work conditions


Anchoring CR
In addition to regular communication about sustainability, there was a week-long campaign in 2014 and a practical training offering. With these formats, the Holding Company has begun to increase employee sensitivity to the need to conduct themselves in a more responsible way in their day-to-day professional lives.

Development reviews conducted with 98.6 per cent of employees


Development prospects
In 2014, the Holding Company increased the penetration and quality of annual development reviews: 98.6 per cent of employees discussed their abilities and potential with their direct supervisors and agreed on appropriate individual development measures.

90 per cent of employees recorded in a training database


Training and continuing education
CWS-boco’s goal is to document all training and continuing education measures in a database by the end of 2015 and to set country-specific guidelines which are tailored to meet the individual needs of employees participating in training and continuing education programmes. More than 90 per cent of the company’s employees were already documented by the end of 2014.


Health and safety
In order to avoid work-related accidents to the furthest extent possible in the future, ELG launched a project designed to identify potential risks to employee health and safety. A first milestone was reached in 2014, when a global reporting system for absences due to accidents and illness went live.


Systematic personnel development
TAKKT is implementing a development programme to systematically recruit and promote talented individuals. In 2014, a computerised applicant management system was established and various measures designed to help the company retain high-potential employees were implemented.


Embedding sustainability
The METRO GROUP continues to drive forward the integration of sustainability issues within all key business processes. In order to increase employee awareness and to bring about behavioural changes, the Group has developed general information campaigns as well as a variety of training programmes. In 2014, the programmes already included an e-learning module on the issue of sustainability and procurement specialist training programmes designed to ensure that social standards are complied with along the supply chain.